This website and associated book are important for a variety of professional roles:



Teachers - there is a very helpful self-evaluation questionnaire in the book, which you can use to check what is happening in your classrooms. On this website, there is an online survey version of the questionnaire you can complete. This helps us to obtain real data. All responses are confidential, can be anonymous, and will only be used for aggregated research reporting.


School managers - the book and this website have many suggestions of value to school managers. The teacher self-evaluation questionnaire can be used to help you to know what is going on in your school. The pupil self-evaluation questionnaire can also be used to give a detailed pupil-centric view - pupils are often the best source for knowing what is really going on. Whole school (or parts of the school) sessions can be arranged for advice, training, or data collection. There is supplementary material available to help with gaps in current safeguarding approaches, or the UK's Every Child Matters programme. A sample children rights policy is available.


School governors - do you really know what is going on in your school? The book and this website provide many ideas that will help you to have a clearer understanding of the situation in your school. You have a legal responsibility to do your best to know, accompanied by appropriate challenge and support for the school.


Child protection agencies - emotional abuse is not as well understood as physical abuse, child neglect, or sexual abuse. The book and website highlight specific problems arising from the UK approach to sexual abuse and confidentiality, particularly with respect to sexually active children younger than 16. There is discussion of many issues about emotional abuse arising from research of the field.  Weaknesses and gaps in the ECM agenda are highlighted.

Agencies are normally only involved when abuse passes a certain threshold to warrant some kind of state agency intervention. This book with this associated website will help you to understand the issues behind threshold decisions, and provide greater awareness of emotional abuse.