Classroom Emotional Abuse

the forgotten dimension of safeguarding, child protection, and safer recruitment

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Self-Evaluation Questionnaires Available

The Teacher and Pupil Self-Evaluation questionnaires will be made available online at this website. They will be accessed from the left-hand menu of the home pages (and several other pages). Completing them and submitting your responses will help future research. The Teacher Self-Evaluation questionnaire will help all teachers to evaluate how they conduct classes. The Pupil Self-Evaluation questionnaire enable pupils and students to check their experiences in classes and lectures. Not all behaviours described in the questionnaires are abusive, but some are.

The questionnaires are temporarily not available while the website has been moved and is being rebuilt due to earlier hacker activity. The new website should be much more resilient against hacking.

Pupils and Ex-Pupils

Please tell us about your school experiences.

It is likely you will have had a mixture of good and bad experiences. We would like to know about the things that have made you feel especially happy at school, and the things you have particularly not liked.

We have not yet developed a full series of questions for positive experiences. This will be done for the next version of the book. We would like you to let us know what happened to you at school that made you feel particularly happy or motivated to learn. There are some simple questions on this website.

In terms of other experiences, there is a pupil self-evaluation questionnaire in the book and in the survey section of this website. If you only use the book, please copy and complete the questionnaire, then send it to us. In the survey section of the website, you can complete the questions online and add any comments you have.

All information submitted will be treated confidentially and anonymously. Results will be aggregated and used to develop the questionnaire further. The next edition of the book will have a section presenting results.

If you are no longer a pupil at a school, there is a very high probability that you are an ex-pupil. We would still like to know your experiences. School experiences, whether positive or negative, can last for many years and memories may be life-long. Most people who have ever been to school have some memorable experiences.

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